"Accelerated Vision" lyrics - MUNICIPAL WASTE

"Accelerated Vision"

Im sitting talking to myself, I look around theres no one else
My shirt is soaked with my own droll, I thought these drugs were going to rule
As my heart pumps and my head spins, I think its coming back again
Instead of finding peace of mind, Im losing it in record time
It feels like Im dreaming Im losing all feeling
How long will this last
Far beyond thrashed
The seconds seem longer The drugs become stronger
As I slip away from reality
Scared to death will it come soon? Im locked inside this bathroom
Claw my skin, Pull my hair out, Makes no noise when I try to shout
Searching for feeling drifting away, Im strapped in a K-hole and can't find my way!
Locked inside a padded room and fed all my food with a spoon
My arms are strapped my brain is fried
Im fucking trapped inside my mind!
Theyve tried their therapy to help with my affliction, Im sentenced to a life with my accelerated vision..
Nothing left to do
I can't find a way back
It spins and it spins until it all turns black
My mind is a cell
Trapped in a K-hole!