"Blood Drive" lyrics - MUNICIPAL WASTE

"Blood Drive"

[Short Instrumental Break]

Another boring Saturday
Looks like everything is swell
Another fucking week of this
I want to blow it all to Hell

Nothing exciting, no news to report
This is my weekend and I'm fucking bored
Used all my patience, there's no more to give
If I can't fuck shit up, I don't wanna live

[Short Instrumental Break]

The chicks are passed out and so are the dudes
I'm sitting wide awake and there's nothin' to do
Could steal a bike or hop on a board
But my friend left his car keys right next to the door
Nothing left to decide
It's time for me to take the ride
This time I'm gonna cross the line
And do it going ninety-five

[Short Instrumental Break]

Blood drive
Blood drive, we're gonna die!
Blood drive we're gonna die!
Blood drive we're gonna die, die, die!

Hop curbs, sideswipe
Oops, there went our tail pipe
Only went a block away
This car's luck just ran out today
Sliding through stop signs
Seeing double, going blind
Followed by about ten cops
I'll finally get to be on Fox