"Set To Destruct" lyrics - MUNICIPAL WASTE

"Set To Destruct"

We are the speed metal punks, Pushed to the limits too much
Were the unstoppable force
Now its the time to erupt!
We are the army of drunks, Our weapons are set to destruct
Weve come to punish all foes
Now its our time to erupt!
No longer underneath the streets, Well infiltrate until your weak
Well strike upon what you hold dear, The Waste has come the end is near
Annihilating shit like you, Despising everything you do
Heed our everlasting blast, Kneel before the kings of thrash
The never ending thrash
Assault ramming metal down your throat
Developing a new regime of metal punks to rein supreme
Were angry all the time, It doesnt mean we lost our minds
Weve channeled all our rage, to put em in an early grave
A terrorizing reign slicing through your brain
Those that don't condone well tear the flesh right off your fucking bones