"The Thrashin' Of The Christ" lyrics - MUNICIPAL WASTE

"The Thrashin' Of The Christ"

Come to save our souls you say Or are we just prey?
Should we serve? A lie absurd called the holy word
Jesus Christ your out of luck Lets thrash that fuck!

Can't they see what its come to be?
Preachers drowning in a sea of pity
But when we rise from the cloud of lies
Well crush the church and take back our lives

Hide behind the cross telling lies of the absurd
How many altar boys are fucked before your time is served
How often do you hear of some pastors sudden fall from grace?

Crying on TV with smeared make up running down his face
More and more evidence is piling up
That organized religions just a den for the corrupt!

Your kingdom come will never cum
Your sense of faith slowly goes numb
Watching you rot from the insides
Patiently waiting your demise