"Acid Sentence" lyrics - MUNICIPAL WASTE

"Acid Sentence"

No body
No punishment
No crime to pin on him
Disposing of his victims
Dipped in acid was his sin
A background of religion
In this case had led to harm
The only evidence left
Was just a fragment of an arm
A psychopathic killer
Immune to being caught
Preyed on older women
With assets which he sought
His only other passion
Indeed was quite deranged
Drinking all their blood
Before dumping their remains
A death trap for human prey
Dissolve the evidence
Victims of hate and greed
Receive the sentence
A boiling drum of acid
Would be the final step
Dissolving all the bodies
Of the victims that he kept
His cold-hearted arrogance
Would lead to his demise
The ghoulish relics left
Would come to haunt him in his mind
The sacrificial fantasies
Once dreamed had become true
The sentence was reality
And punishment was due
Nightmares of crucifixes
Drenched in human blood
Could not convince the court
Insanity had pulled the plug
The innocent corpses melted down
Into liquid for the drain
A systematic procedure
To speed up the decay
A perfect crime was exactly what he thought
His arrogance responsible for him being caught
Will justice end the deadly con?
Will there be retribution for the lives that he's withdrawn?