"Upside Down Church" lyrics - MUNICIPAL WASTE

"Upside Down Church"

They watch you every week
They love to mold your mind
They use the words of peace
For the soldiers' battle cry
They want you to confess
For the things you've done before
Strange how the all knowing wants to know a little more
They'll drop you to your knees
For fear of your afterlife
In hopes that you will be their servant till the day you die
They watch you every week
They love to mold your mind
But I'm not going to kneel this time
I won't put another cent back into your collection bin
I'm not going to respect you it's a fight you will never win
Repent! For the sins you've done
Do you practice the things you preach?
Have you ever questioned anything?
Or are you blinded by what you teach?
What you preach
I want to smash the stained glass
Dive into their shrines
Properly dispose of all the wine
Bash apart the organ, pass around their cross
I'm going to tear it down at any cost
No bible left unturned
No pew left unturned
I'm going to leave this place inverted!
This would look better if it all got rolled
An upside down church ain't gonna save my soul
It could be holier if we all stomped holes
Such a wonderful site for all to behold
Such a site to behold!
Sorry if all my daydreams are all what I want to see
It's to the point I want to make them a reality
These lessons push me further
While every soul you sell
Make me feel I'm no longer afraid to burn in hell