"Divine Blasphemer" lyrics - MUNICIPAL WASTE

"Divine Blasphemer"

I've never spread hatred and kept to myself
I've never been greedy or cared for their wealth
My thoughts maybe different my morals stayed true
Yet still I'm the one you choose to persecute!
I've lived a good life I know I tried my best
But still judged by beliefs that I manifest
I've loved those around me and done nothing wrong
But still I'm a sinner in the eyes of god
I helped folks in need and I never told lies
I've comforted friends throughout their worst of times
I never was violent I respect those older
I never once had to look over my shoulder
Let me try to get this straight
I can't pass by heaven's gate
Since I see things a different way?
I really do not get the part
Where I spend eternity in dark
Because I don't believe in Noah's Ark
A Divine Blasphemer
Willed to Burn
From those "Holier"