"Mech-Cannibal" lyrics - MUNICIPAL WASTE


A tale of evolution to be told
An abomination is about to unfold
A gift of terror bestwed on this earth
A sick creator gives electrical birth
Back in the spring of 1983
That's when the Mech-Cannibal begins to feed
Wires through veins
Voltage and brains
No one could have seen it coming no one could expect
A half robotic being that craves human flesh
Red eyed, breathes steam
Killing machine
A never ending hunger for which it's obsessed
Entire populations for it to digest
It killed the inventor
More to go
The worst is yet to unfold
Would you believe or understand at all?
How could you flee when it never seems to stop?
Thoughts programmed are so maniacal
Can you escape the grasp of Mech-Cannibal?
Metal and teeth
Homicidal feast
A living mechanish who craves nourishment
In search of the next meal in which to torment
Back in the spring of 1983
Death was unleashed upon the factory
Consumes the unwilling
On flesh he needs to dine
Craving death it's feeding time
The extermination soul by soul
The worst is yet to unfold