"10" lyrics - RIKK AGNEW


Pretty as a picture of an angel out of hell, (hypnotizing lust)
Smile of pearly white and eyes that capture by surprise, (luring you to trust)
Just to hold her hand you'd give up everything you own, (anything at all)
Unapproachable, too good to even consider, (giving her a call)

She just sits at home in depression (in depresssion)
Her beauty a curse in disguise, no obsession (no obsession)
She waits by the phone in hope of a boyfriend (of a boyfriend)
The silence never breaks anything accept her
It upsets her.
Always lonely.
So shy and quiet, they think shes too conceited.
But shes a victim of...
Such a victim of... [2x]
She has a shield of ten but rates in happiness low and only one.

Stands and walks alone in perfect and seductive pose, (tantalizing site)
High above the rest of us, a goddess from the sky, (shining oh so bright)
Just to get a kiss you'd miss the world as it went by, (time would have no measure)
Such a living fantasy, a legend of our age, (out of reach for pleasure)