"O.C. Life" lyrics - RIKK AGNEW

"O.C. Life"

Wanna be a member, wanna be a name
Wanna be a local hero, play the social game
Locked into a timewarp with your dinosaur trends
The limits of your mind is where the countryline ends

Listen to the media accepting it as fact
Following your orders cuz you don't know how to act
Thinking your the sun the world revolves around your head
You'll be a BMOC till the day that you are dead

'Cuz O.C. life is not the life for me
Stupid little girls
And egotistic boys
O.C. life is not the life so free
Pressures on my back
And artificial joys
For you girls and boys

Wanna be a member, wanna be a name
Wanna be the focal point within your tiny frame
Blocking out the real world that you seldom ever see
Pace the cage you live in with your friends and families

714 embedded in your brain
Designer jeans and malls are all you'll ever have to gain
Trapped inside the obsolete shell that you call a home
You'll drive your brunetta till its rust instead of chrome