"Everyday" lyrics - RIKK AGNEW

(Frank Agnew / Rikk Agnew)

Ive wanted you to be all mine, since the time we met.
The wreckles past you wandered through, I'd rather soon forget
But memories are history, and I am here today.
I'll never leave your life, my dear
My love will never fray

Want you everyday
Need you everyday
The thought of you gives me a rush, in a special way
Want you everyday
Need you everyday
I really want you to believe in what I have to say.

Sure we have our bad times, but most of them are grand.
Sure you had another guy, I tried to understand.
But im not into sharing you, the best thing that ive got.
I want you to be my own, till we reach reapers lot.


As I sing these words to you, I want them to SINK IN.
You make me feel like millions, my feelings from within.
Please lets be forever girl, so wonderful is fate.
I dedicate this song to you, to you my chosen mate