"Falling Out" lyrics - RIKK AGNEW

"Falling Out"

Everywhere I look around and everything I see
I know has joined club catastrophe,
No future, no time
Filling up the churches so we'll die without sin
Lives are in a self review to see where they have been,
No future, no kind

No survivors, no providers
No decidors, no dividers
None, their all gone
They keep on falling out,
Falling out of line and into the dust,
Falling out
Falling in their footsteps, each and everyone of us.
Have a good time while theres still time
Guns are blazing, skies are flaring
When its all done, there'll be no one

Feel the mouting tension as the leaders disagree
Fighthing as they close the doors upon humanity,
No future, no kind (No future, no kind)
Setting all the buttons to the armageddon code
Pressures built to maximum, its time to overload
No future, no kind (No future, no kind)



People dying, mothers crying,
Last words spoken, no ones joking
Close your eyes and you'll be over.
Take it all away!