"Adieu Louis For You It's Over" lyrics - ROGER WATERS

"Adieu Louis For You It's Over"

[Marie Marianne:]
Adieu Louis for you it's over
Too many carpenters and bookkeepers and gardeners
Gave their ordinary lives to be free
On the battlefields of the Tuileries

[Revolutionary Priest:]
To be King is a sacred trust
But you betrayed us
Poor King Louis
We must take your life
Clean the slate, start anew
Poor Louis, it's over for you

The time for grief is not yet here
It's to build a world without tears
That we toll the funeral bell
And shed our precious blood
Poor Louis and your precious blood as well

[Children's Chorus:]
Poor King Louis, you'll soon be dead
Poor King Louis, far from your bed

Far from your bed

[Children's Chorus:]
Life must always end to start anew

[Revolutionary Priest:]
Poor King Louis
It's over for you!

It's always the terror you can rely on
To eat its way into your heart
Like rust and there to spy on
The blood, the blade, the speeches made
That mingle in your very entrails