"The National Assembly Is Confused" lyrics - ROGER WATERS

"The National Assembly Is Confused"

The National Assembly is confused
The Girondins blow back and forth
Like flags and ashes scattered by the truth

Oi, Mister... What is a Girondid?

A Girondin is careful of the company he keeps
He looks to find a sign before he leaps

Like ranks of Marseillaise, six hundred deep
Arraigned before the Tuileries

It's the end of monarchy
Vive la Commune de Paris!

The presence of the Prussians on the border
IS a worrisome thing
The Brunswick manifesto
Serves only to stiffen the sinews
And weaken the King
To depose him now
Fills the Girondid hearts with fear
But the Prussians cross the border
And the order of the day becomes clear

[Revolutionary Priest & Children's Chorus:]
The monarchy is over
No more days in clover

The monarchy, c'est fini

[Revolutionary Priest & Children's Chorus:]
Brunswick is a liar; just listen to our cannon fire

[Revolutionary Priest:]
The National Assembly comes in line
With the half and the maimed
And the dead and the dying
The monarchy, c'est fini