"And In The Bushes Where They Survive" lyrics - ROGER WATERS

"And In The Bushes Where They Survive"

And in the bushes where they survive
The winder hail and the slaughter
The birds were attacked by the dogs and the rats
Hiding round every corner

[Revolutionary Priest:]
When you're a rat caught in a trap with not even cheese you get mean

[Children's Chorus:]
But we are not rats

When you're a rabid dog you need to spread your disease

[Children's Chorus:]
But we are not dogs

[Revolutionary Priest & Officer:]
When you're a man and they say you should be an angel

[Children's Chorus:]
We're not even human

[Revolutionary Priest:]
When you're less than nothing

[Officer & Male Chorus:]
Less than nothing

[Revolutionary Priest, Officer & Children's Chorus:]
Less than nothing as sure as the sparrows sing

[Marie Marianne:]
If wishes give us power to make it all come right
If we could walk through mirrors
IF we could touch the light
We'd shrug off our illusions and what was left would be
Te strength and bravery
To feel what we feel
And be what we'd be...

[Revolutionary Priest:]
Of all the woman none can hold a light to liberty

[Revolutionary Priest & Chorus:]
With wings to fly and eyes to see

[Troublemaker & Chorus:]
She's the one who loves us
The one that we adore
When you're laughing with the sun out
Or lying wounded in a dug out

[Revolutionary Priest:]
With wings to fly and eyes to see
Freedom is her name

She makes a fearsome ally
If you stand up with no shame

[Revolutionary Priest:]
But liberty is nothing if you love her on your knees

[Officer & Male Chorus:]
And liberty can't hear you when you're hanging from an olive tree!

If we don't founder in pursuit luxury
In forgetfulness of others needs
And in the depths of our own believes

[Marie Marianne:]
If we don't hide in that solitary dream
Safe in our shells
In respect for the powers that be
And in fear of our selves

[Children's Chorus:]
If wishes could come true
If mirrors could be seen through
No more mystery
Only the strength and bravery
To help one another
To see what its like to be...
No bird needs to be afraid
To leave his nest and to parade
Up and down the boulevard all day,
All day, all day!
No bird must be greedy
And eat up all the seed
'Til every bird has had enough,
Every bird
Be he rich or be he poor
Be he great or be he small
Every bird, every bird, every bird, every bird
Will go to the ball

If this life's a journey we take

[Revolutionary Priest:]
If the secret the sharing cake

[Marie Marianne:]
Holds the key, holds the key to joy

And unlocks these doors inside

[Revolutionary Priest:]
Where Republic must surely hide

[Marie Marianne:]
If wishes really could come true

If we see through the illusions

[Revolutionary Priest & Chorus:]
And abide by the constitution

[Marie Marianne:]
There'll be human rights for everyone

Unique and universal

For everyone
Under the sun!

[Ringmaster, Revolutionary Priest, Marie Marianne, Troublemaker & Officer:]
If we are not lost in these towers of ivory
In respect for the strong
And in fear of our need to belong
The promise of Republic lies within
Ca Ira

Ca Ira!