"Kings, Sticks And Birds" lyrics - ROGER WATERS

"Kings, Sticks And Birds"

[Scene 2 "Kings, Sticks and Birds"]

Ladies and Gentlemen
Imagine a bird on song in a tree
An ordinary bird like you or like me
Imagine some ruffian happening by
And beating him within an inch of his life


Then a priest from some denomination
Witnessing this abomination
Blesses not the bird but the beast
The Unknown Soldier appears on the field
And takes the bird's feathers to put on his shield
Then a powerful judge from the high court
Decrees that the birds really ought
Not be allowed to sing in the trees
But then one day
Some of the priests and soldiers and judges
Putting aside some old worn grudges
Changes their minds and the birds sang again
It was the Revolution
The Revolution is a story of birds
Of sticks and stones and bushes and bones

[Ringmaster & Chorus:]
A story of now, a story of then
A story of woman, a story of men

A story of everything to come
Of everything under the sun