"Adieu My Good And Tender Sister" lyrics - ROGER WATERS

"Adieu My Good And Tender Sister"

Adieu my good and tender sister
I am condemned to die
My only regret is to abandon my children
My children, my God, how it tears me to leave them
My love for them was always first and last
My God, I miss my children so

[Revolutionary Priest:]
Madame Antoine, if we could only turn back the clock
TO that garden in Vienna

[Marie Therese & Female Chorus:]
Madame Antoine, Madame Antoine,
Mother is calling, darkness is falling

Monsieur, I know thee not

[Revolutionary Priest:]
The oak tree without and the peach tree within
Your mother was calling
The darkness was falling

MY little cock robin pray kneel here beside me
The dance is about to begin

[Revolutionary Priest:]
Courage Madame, in this great rebirth
Like wind-fallen fruit we return to the earth

I saw but a priest

[Revolutionary Priest:]
I am but a man
Madame, please take my hand

Monsieur, please take my hand