"Against Infinity" lyrics - SINDROME

"Against Infinity"

Against these lies I will devise
A path we can reverse
I'll join the fight with my insight
To stop this violent curse
Within my stare the signs so clear
Of our endless tragedy
So move before we all ignore
The fate that I foresee

Join before the time's too late

Follow me through my sights of distant pain
To fight the coming of his silent reign
We'll be trapped inside this world of misery
But together we'll rise against infinity

I have found that I am bound
To know what lies ahead
I'll bind our minds with what I'll find
Before we're all misled
With a wave of force to take its course
And from the hidden view
It won't detect who I select
In a group of chosen few

Stop this trait of destined fate


In these dreams I hear the screams of thousands left in sin
But I'll survive as a prophet with a new life to begin
As I take control and lead us through a sight to analyze
Come with me and you'll foresee the visions through my eyes

This passing fear has one last year
For essential unity
As we escape the lies of this disguise
That commands our destiny
I'll use my voice to make the choice
Before the time's too late
As we begin to learn that all will burn
In a trail of destined fate

Resist against this forced hate