"Aortic Expulsion" lyrics - SINDROME

"Aortic Expulsion"

As I awake to feel the pain
A feeling through my chest I can't explain
Erupting blood from my body
No time to reciprocate

Enslaved to misery, detest serenity
Erosion unfolds to watch my death
Abominate the articles' fate
Coronary secretion in a catalyst of blood

For I am the tortured victim
The pain has been cast aside
Now to look into this crusade
I have faced a painstaking horror
Defying illusion I had perceived
As once a nightmare to be
Accredited misfortune left in abolishment
As now my eyes can see

Magistrated in a sentence to black
The evil has arisen, resurrection in change
Condone your breathing for panic to score
Termination of life, vicious pain to implore