"Exit Screaming" lyrics - SINDROME

"Exit Screaming"

Alone within my consciousness
To a placed I can confide
Severed from society,
Debating suicide

We're locked in world depression
That's here to stay
We've seen why life is empty
As we start to pray

The answers to these questions
Were thrown at me
A vision from the future
We're blind to see

Losing my senses and drifting away
Immune to the impact of pain
Projecting my soul
With the thoughts I control
To exit from insanity

Voicing the message of truth
Tracing the passage of time
Shifting the coming of fate
Exit this sequence of dreams

Presumed outside my lifeless state
In a world of amnesty
Taken from this hopeless fate
In this painted fallacy

I've lost all my emotions
To voice the facts
This way of fearless living
Will cause impact