"Rapture In Blood" lyrics - SINDROME

"Rapture In Blood"

As I feel the time draws near
This perpetual invasion begins
Rebellion of my aggressive reality,
A mere contusion of sin
A mood...is stricken before me
And commences implosive pain
Panic arises, an aura of change
As your faced in agony again

I'll enforce the plan of your attack and take what I proclaim
To dare defy my wrath a bliss and leave nothing to remain

Alas you'll be chosen to rapture in blood
To witness from above
And dislocate any fear of fate
For your victim to asphyxiate

A treachersome fight to express divine hatred
Is filled throughout the air
Destined revenge arises to envision
And approximate without fear
Adieu to a test of moral strength
Ceremonial expressions unveil
A renouncement ungrateful to express
To ignore your victim's betrayal


A weary task to complete
And attempt a final attack
Rob your victim of his life
And proceed to turn your back
The stress subsides amidst this reaction
As survival is only to rely
A cold-blooded killing in an attempt for pleasure
As your opponent is left to die