"Precognition" lyrics - SINDROME


An envision in your dreams will rise for you to see
As life shifts before you to commence re-entry
To see what lies in store at this moment in your dream
Passive to its value in an attempt to hear you scream
To figure out this meaning in this time of expose
Your life soon will follow to add to your dismay
To break this horror that controls this destiny
Impatient to the thought your death is what you see

As you begin to look inside, faces become clear
The facts that you've recognized brought on this intensified fear
Changes displace aggression, a feeling for true revenge
A friend has turned against you to leave you at a bitter end
A future now in progress that opens to see their fate
Concealed by misfortune when the time is too late

Abolishing your victim in an attempt to overthrow
Your enemy's life as the fear begins to show
A feeling's taken over as now they've changed their course
To overtake your future without remorse
A narrated fight as life is at expense
To dissipate your victims with a desire to incite
The scent is in the air, so here's the chance you need
Take them to the end and leave them while they bleed


As now you look to see this misfortune stands to be
For anyone to stand in your way
To be marked as their final day
Inferior to their lies in attempt to hear their cries
Fortunate your life to keep as you've realized in your sleep

To be picked by his creation almighty in your formation
For one to conquer your gift as the attitude begins to shift
Planning to kill on sight in this never ending fight
An outrageous form of emission to be yielded through submission

Killing through your mind is a form a reduction
The hatred that you've found is your method of destruction
In the future you will follow for the cause is not complete
To radiate tomorrow and comprise this destined feat
In the end you will suffer not able to show your face
To eliminate life and shed murder upon this race
As to assign yourself as god in your heaven oh so high
Strapped down without your soul to kiss your ass goodbye