"Helsinki" lyrics - SOILWORK

(David Andersson)

If you urge for transcendance
You will have to feel
All the pain getting there
As your fate will be sealed
If you wish for a solace
A journey's end
You will have to suffer before you can depend

Seldom you will find
Your mission inside
You falter
A wish to die
There are no goodbyes

Is it the same?
A place where the truth is contained
Where you're always left with the blame
Now you know how I've fought to erase
All the thoughts that never moved on
When we're all depending on the same revolution

That we refer to as what we've become
If you long for collapse you'll have to take the fall
The murder is sweet until you've killed them all

So if you come from nothing
How and when could you have known?
You put a claim on existence
Just how far can reasons go?
Reason enough to go

The way we were
The way we are
It's not the time
To find that scar
Our feelings hurt
Our will deferred
It's not your life
It's not your turn