"The End Begins Below The Surface" lyrics - SOILWORK

"The End Begins Below The Surface"
(Dirk Verbeuren)

It grows in subtle spurts
A flower diseased, unprotected
Ringing in the final spring

A vicious undertaker, heard nor seen
Unleashing a war that's lost
Before it begins

Eyeless are we, cursed to be
Swallowed by chaos
Hollow and defenseless

All that we've hoped for
Must come to an end
One must face the inevitable
Buried by aeons, the sleeper awakens again

There is nowhere left to ride
There is nothing left to destroy
There is nowhere left to hide
The end is now - Now and forever

From the depths where all life sprang
Demise comes, undefeatable
From below the surface
Its formless menace strangles
In nothingness our world dissolves
This downfall is eternal