"Overclocked (2016 Mix)" lyrics - SOILWORK

"Overclocked (2016 Mix)"
feat. Soilwork

Don't put any pressure on me
I might just implode
'Cause help I can't get no release
And stand on my own

All this time I
Wear myself out
Won't absorb anything
Still digging much deeper than I ever have

My nerves make me the wreck that I am
The [?] is I don't know when
A touch of [?] so far away
I'm stuck in a circle of pain

Give me a break
Let me resist
I can't retrieve what I missed
Deeply entangled
Can't see a thing
Don't let me give in
Don't let me give in

Now will you ever strike the nerve again
I was hoping it would scare you off
If I can't earn respect
By creating the fear
Turned into hatred
I might as well give in
I might as well pay
Still I won't be the one to say that I was wrong
My actions were performed in the need of affection
The desperation


So don't you let me give in

Swallowed by fear and destruction
Unable to put it into words
Loved by disaster
I'll make my own trails
And refuse to repay

Say what?


Don't let me give in
So don't you let me give in