"Is There More" lyrics - THE WILLIS CLAN

"Is There More"
(Jeremiah Willis)

Is there more in the sky
Then the millions of lights
Is there more to this life
Than the cold bitter nights
Is there something out there
That came before - oh oh
Is there more

Soldier on
Cuz there's nothing left to prove
So just move along
Who cares if you disapprove

This is what they say that life is like
Don't question it just keep your head down
It don't really matter so focus on the ground
But what if they are wrong about this life
And there is more they just can't see it
Can you take the chance and reach for the unknown


If there's more - if there's more
I'll find it - can't hide it
If there's more - if there's more
I'll find it
I'll find you
(I'll find it you can't hide it, it's what I need to do)
I'll find you
(I want to know you so come show me truth)