"Level" lyrics - THE WILLIS CLAN

(Jeremiah Willis)

Get up now
Take in the display
Look up now
It's all gone away

I'm running and thinking of what I've been missing
And wondering why I can't ever get rid of the
Feeling that there is so much in this life that I don't understand
And lately I've found and I'm starting to see
That I really don't know how to honestly be all the things
That I want and I think that it's time to reach out my hand

I introduce me to myself cause I - forget yesterday
It's not worth the time I'd lose - to hold on and stay
So I'm gonna find my feet and I'll - find who I'm meant to be
Cuz every time I think I'm good
I know it's time to see
Another level

It's tough now
And I don't want to play
This game now
But there's no other way

To get to the goal and to get to the end
And to finish it off without having to bend
All the things that I know that I need to remember to do this thing right
To know where I stand and to put up a fight
For the things that I know and believe without sight
So I will not give in so I'll find a way out and I'll stand in the light

[Chorus 2x]

There were
Many times I thought I was good
There were so many times I think I'm good
But I know that it's time see
Another level