"Paper Dolls" lyrics - THE WILLIS CLAN

"Paper Dolls"
(Jessica Fisher, Jeremiah Willis & Jasmine Willis)

Look in my eyes
Look at my soul
I'm broken so - shattered the pieces fall

This is your fault
Look what you've done
Clearly I'm - nothing to you at all

The emptiness
The desert in your eyes
Is giving you away
Your promises
That I'm the only one
Are gone today

Cuz we're nothing more to you
Than paper dolls you tear in two
Till there's nothing left of who
We were before we fell into
Your nothing world
Of nothing girls
Where everybody knew
It's what you do
Cuz we're nothing more to you

Open your mind
Please try to see
Your shadow is - taking control of me

It's not what I want
It's not what I need
My heart longs to - sail on an open sea

My brokenness
Is nothing in your eyes
And it's pushing you away
I promise this
It's over and I'm done
It ends today


Than a good time
Like the last time - whoa
(I hear you say)
Oh you'll be fine
Say you'll mine - whoa
(Still you say)
Oh we'll get by
Please don't cry
We'll find a way
I won't stay


Cuz we're nothing more to you