"Pull You Down" lyrics - THE WILLIS CLAN

"Pull You Down"
(Jeremiah Willis)

One of these days you'll wake up
And ask why - ask why
They say
Go put on your makeup - and don't cry

Can't you see the problem
Isn't you - it isn't you
It's when they
Want to live a perfect life
Through you - through you

So don't let 'em take your voice
Don't say it can't be found
Don't spend your whole life
Thinking you're worth nothing
So don't let it pull you down
So don't let it pull you down

Now you don't have to listen
To them - to them
You can
Choose the life you've wanted
Again - again


[Bridge (repeating):]
Your worth isn't found in what they think of you
In what they say or what they do
The truth is love is always free
That's all you need to see


So don't let it pull you down