"What Life's About" lyrics - THE WILLIS CLAN

"What Life's About"
(Jessica Fisher, Jeremiah Willis & Jasmine Willis)

The bigger picture
Fading slowly out of sight - yeah
The simple structure
Giving way to crazy life - yeah

When it seems like all that's left is a lie
And tomorrow is the day that we die
Keep the truth
Keep the faith
And look to the sky

Baby don't give in
To doubt
You can believe it
Do without
You didn't need it
Never let your light so shine
Go out
Cuz this is what life's about
Hey - hey - uh-oh

Keeping focus
Give up everything within - yeah
I think you noticed
Just how hard it is to win - yeah

When it feels like things are out of control
You just got to keep your eyes on the goal
With your heart
With your mind
With your soul


It's not a stupid story or a random name
It's not about the glory or the fortune and fame
Open up your mind to the powers that be
Cuz there's so much more to life than you and me