"Blistering Winds" lyrics - VICIOUS RUMORS

"Blistering Winds"

Lighting terror
Oh, it's very strange
Hold on tight now
Put a hold on yourself

In the field of pressure-nautics
Throw me through were going down
Throw me through the sky in anger
Wondering if we'll hit the ground

The wind of anger
Calling to me
Shedding the dials
The price of his vanity is

Man against nature
Will the hurricane pass
No radio contact
White lightning is fast

Doesn't seem to mind the burning
The ruins in my head
And the lightning lies before me
A frightening angel of dark


And now I'm lost in the power
Of the angel who points us around
I knew it was faster than fire
Still now the backing can burn

Now the pressure is asserting
I feel the tension breaking clear
Got has chosen to save the...
Fighting off the fear with fear