"Ride (Into The Sun)" lyrics - VICIOUS RUMORS

"Ride (Into The Sun)"

Killing the pressure
You've got 'em inside
Burning in fire
You know you just can't hide
Nothing can stop you
You're on your way
For there's no denying
Your ticket to a free day
Ride into the sun
Ride until the battle is won
Ride ahead of the pack
Ride never turning back
The time is now
To take a stand
Prove to them that
You might still invade them
Nothing can stop you
Tough they say they will
Burning your way
To take to the sky


You carry the flame
We're goin' insane
Out of control
Run, Run for your life
Don't look back
This is the time
Fighting we're lucky to get the flame
Fighting for nothing
He stood watching
The rain
Nothing can stop you
You riding away
Fighting the challenge
To break for the...