"Murder" lyrics - VICIOUS RUMORS


Let us learn to shout
Just looking in the night
Searching for his mother sometime
He sure didn't like a fight

Now they're trying to find you
Nothing is there, it's just me
Search until we find you
The advantage of love

Plotting and killing the king
When we arrive we'll be dirty

So we are searching this town
Somebody heard a scream
Hiding under the bridges
Trying not to be seen
And in time we'll find you
Nothing is fair in this game
Search until they find him
To advantage of love
Is it all in vain
Oh, oh

In the final hour our time will come
See the judgment so
Of a broken, broken man
In a world gone mad, mad
Will I understand
Will my sentence pass
Or will I die

I can see the light getting brighter now
It killed him now
Shooting forward now
You are patient now

I just can't wait to tell
Yah, ha, ha, ha
Is he guilty
No one ever suspects
Communications were shut up
Hell did you see that
Please stay back
Keep away there