"Medusa" lyrics - VICIOUS RUMORS


Beneath the caves she lives alone
With no one to guide her
But men of stone
She's building authentic
To fire and steel
Searching for someone
To drum up appeal

The tall handed lady of the reptile coat
The queen of the snakes
A ruler of darkness
And the power of melt
I'm gonna faint

Don't stop and stare
She'll turn you info stone
In Medusa's hair
The serpent meets his own

The woman of darkness is waiting to strike
Casting her spell
In the middle of the night
Takes what she wants
Giving nothing for free
Making a meal out of you and me

All the night she'll drive you wild
A suck of her breath
She'll blow you away
A loose look coat


You know when I see her
The dinner is cold
I think she'll leave
Sit down when you're told

Better the blood
That run in your veins
I'll have to be your