"Soldiers Of The Night" lyrics - VICIOUS RUMORS

"Soldiers Of The Night"

Late at night
When the watchtower light burned bright
Out of the mist is the air
I'm a soldier
Waiting for the final strike
Who will take the fatal blow

Fight, stay alive
In the desert for a day
(Soldiers of the night)
We are soldiers of the night
(We are soldiers of the night)
You're marching and free
(Solders of the night)
We'll find victory
(We and soldiers of the night)
We get nothing for free

We pass the way
Of... dead men
Get off
You're too, too, too slow
Here it is,
Now take another deep, deep breath
Take a bite
Still we're in the wrong


We are thunder
Burning in the acid rain
You are a coward

I'll feel the pain
When all the ones you loved
All turned out to be insane
God, Mr. Bruno it's more than a game