"Almost There" lyrics - AB-SOUL

"Almost There"
feat. BJ the Chicago Kid

[Verse 1: Ab-Soul]
I know exactly how it is to feel like no one cares
About the hard work you put in but who said life was fair?
It sure wasn't me I take the bitter with the sweet
And boil it in the pot make a hot toddy
I said If I'm going to play I'm going to play for keeps
Raise stakes, take stage, speak my peace
Make my pay, take my lady on a date
Send my parents on a cruise
Living, somewhere with a killer view, oh the irony I spew
But for now the studio couches gonna have to do
I ain't going to take what I ain't earned myself, foolish pride
That's what you need to survive, it's do or die
So step aside I don't mean no trouble
Just want to be someone that CJ could look up to
Oh, and just so you know
When I'm on the road I'm at the Travelodge not The W

Almost there, almost there, almost there
The finish line is in sight but I'm almost there, almost there, almost there
Almost there, almost there, almost there
Even if the sun don't shine the sun don't shine, almost

Somebody asked me, what you mean by longterm mentality, actually?
So I had to break it down:
Don't get caught up in the now, focus on the years abroad
'Cause today you're here but tommorow you could be gone
Singing the same old song
And who's the place to blame on? Other than you
Whatever it is you do
From slanging eight balls to graduating from school
Just gotta see it all before it happens
I ain't saying see a psychic
I'm just saying have a, idea of what you're accomplishing
You'll have a greater chance to accomplish it
You know a little strategy, premeditation
Wins races nine times out of ten
As if losing's ever an option
Had to bust my own bubble I really thought I was popping (Not quite)


Just know your future's right around the corner
Oppurtunity galore for ya
More and more you'll start to see it's no limit to what you can be
In any event, eventually
Treat your first like your last time
'Cause it might be your last time, that's what I learned last time
Look forward to looking forward in my pastime
You just letting time pass like "that's fine" as wine
Contrary to popular belief, I want the peace
They say I'm headed hellbound at God's speed
Gesundheit, or bless me if you like
As I, put my faith in this bud and budlight
I've been patiently waiting for a track to explode on
Talk my shit, drop my load on
Hold on, I don't think you know how close I am
By the time this song's done I'm already there