"Picture That" lyrics - AB-SOUL

"Picture That"
feat. JaVonte

Shoot for the moon
Even if you miss, you'll be amongst the stars
Shoot for the moon
Even if you miss, you'll be amongst the stars
Shoot for the moon
Even if you miss, you'll be

If you ain't got a dollar to your name, can you maintain?
Are you lost, are all your thoughts on the same train?
I been riding it, doubt, despite the amount
I've yet to acquire in my checking account
They checking me out, they peeping my game
I paid my dues, I even kept my receipt and my change
My life is like a movie if Siskel hate it then sue me
Fuck a Maybach, I'm straight in the back of this hooptie
It started out a hobby, became my life
Left my emotions, lonesome, hence the pain I write
Some call it therapy, some call it rap music
I call it hip-hop, no, no, no trap music
You never seen me heat the pot to whip the rock
You never seen me creeping down your block with the Glock
You never seen no diamonds in my chain or in my watch
You never seen me in a G5 or on a yacht but picture that

Picture this, picture being poor, picture being rich
Picture having more, picture not having shit
Picture that, what a sight to see, picture you, picture me
Picture us, picture we, together at the top, where we should be

Speaking of being at the top, champagne, bottoms up
I take that back, 'cause matter of fact, this E and J, dollar shot
Is hitting the spot like a rave my real niggas give me props
'Cause I ain't afraid to say what I am and what I am not
You had her not, I had like seven dollars knowin I'mma drop
Five on that session as soon as A-chizzle hit the block
Chocolate Swisher burn slow though I hope it never stop
So I can get high forever and accomplish my endeavors
Niggas pulling up in Benzes, telling me that I'm the one
I'm guessing when my clock climaxes then my time'll come
I never shot a gun but I be killing all y'all raps
'Cause all y'all wack, I be jogging on all y'all tracks
I mean so many lines that, I could call you all back, yeah
I could send you all a fax, with all facts
Budget tighter than my bitch's all black bra strap
Grab a digital camera and picture that

[Hook + Bridge]

In the presence of my gifted ass, incredible gift of gab
Don't have a cent to spare but pull up a chair, I'll take you back
To where my Christmases was full of gifts, I surely had
Left Santa milk and cookies, we miss you Bernie Mac
Left him a letter and what do you know, he even wrote my back
I don't remember what it said but the point is that
Soon as I had to take the role for my own acts
It seemed as though, all my presents started gradually
Turning into coal, I graduated with a car
Four years later that mothafucka's stuck in park
I missed the days we cut through the alley to the Del Amo park
Or further than that, Nick at Nite, are you Afraid of the Dark?
I keep these memories on my mind 'cause they define me
Like Dictionary.com, bliss kisses ignorance
Pay them unless your intelligent and her pussy be wet as shit
You would come in a flash, please hold the flash, but picture that


[Outro: Javonte]
Photogenic I are, no need to be camera shy
Hand on the bible, I ain't telling a lie
We only got one, so I'm living my life
Photogenic I are, no need to be camera shy
Remember where I been, where I'm going
And I only got one, so I'm living my life