"Hell Yea" lyrics - AB-SOUL

"Hell Yea"

[Verse 1: Ab-Soul]
Soulo back up in this ho, man I hope the magnum fit
Soulo back up in this ho, man that pussy magnifique
Know I row the showboat, all aboard the penmanship
All I do is give you gifts, everyday's December 25th
Everywhere you turn I'm there ya bitch, tell your homie, tell your bitch
Bad to the bone, only thing stay when you go, is your skeleton
Why your grin so devilish, you gon' go to hell for this
To hell with them to tell the truth I hope allah piss in hell on them
Ahah was a problem before momma gave me baba
Mind stay larger than an island, never been to the Bahamas (Soulo)
I was just a toddler in ninja turtle pajamas
I ain't know the world was fucked up like vaginas
Now I don't give a fuck, now I'mma live it up, now I'mma pick it up (Hell yeah)
Now they wanna pay, now she wanna fuck, now he wanna hate (Hell yeah)
Heaven don't seem far from here, staring thru these Cartiers
After all these mothafuckin' years nigga yea nigga

Man we breaking all the rules, Take that bullshit elsewhere
Welcome to America, die or pay for healthcare
I'm tryna tell ya, we living in hell here
And if you agree with me, Let me get a hell yeah!
Hell yeah! (Yeah) Hell yeah! (Yeah)
Hell yeah! Let me get a hell yeah
I'm tryna tell ya, we living in hell here
And if you agree with me, Let me get a hell yeah

[Verse 2: ScHoolboy Q]
Schoolboy back up in this ho, pussy, hoes and ash trays
Schoolboy back up in your ho, bitch might want my last name
Yeah, yeah, nigga blow this fire (Hey! Hey!)
High above hell, what the hell, nigga might bring hell
Roll with it uh, fuck with a nigga, ride with a nigga, learn with a nigga
Highway to hell, fuck with a nigga, ride with a nigga, burn with a nigga
Lil' nigga with a gun and he gang bang, lil' girl turn lost she a gang bang
No love so it's fuck the world, got free and she fucked the world, damn
Goddamn girl, make a nigga wanna hurl
Throwing up signs, I done lost my mind, you know them caution signs
May have bought my grind, these drugs of mine, gamble with ya life
And I'll roll the nine, flatline, flatline, go to hell mothafucka, every shot divine
No back bone, weary spine, gotta keep ya head straight 'fore ya fall off
Me and Soul locomotives that hauled off, get up out the way or get your fame
Randy Moss, heaven in this fucking beer, swagging in these Cartiers
Especially after all these fucking years nigga yea nigga

[Bridge: Kendrick Lamar]
Mothafuck the government, mothafuck the system
Mothafuck you, I'm just living how I am living
Hiiipower, that's a nigga religion
'Til Jesus come back and he tell me something different

[Verse 3: Ab-Soul]
Solo back up in this ho, man I hope the magnum fit
Solo back up in this ho, I hope she don't tell my bitch
God damn I'm so ignorant at the same time so brilliant
Cuttin up, cesarean, but keep it on the low, librarian
Still mobbin' deep like Havoc and Prodigy
Tryna document an odyssey for every eye to see
Hell yea I know they trynna rewrite the constitution
I'm still rollin blunts drunk as fuck stuck on stupid
Hell yeah I'm 'bout that, you can't tell my nig?
Long term I got a legacy to leave my kids
How I'm 'posed to live man, the reaper keep breathing down
The back of my neck and my landlord need a check, fuck
Hell yeah, I'mma survive out here
Even if it mean flipping pies out here, yeah
Hell yeah I'm on the top of my shit
Hell yeah her tonsils topple on the top of my dick, yeah
Hell yeah we been patrolin the game, watching the throne
Plotting on Jay and Kanye, Marshall and Andre
Lil Wayne, Drake, Wiz Khalifa, Wale
That bitch Nicki, J. Cole, Rozay

Soul!! Hell yeah
Hell yeah
H-H-H-Hell yeah