"#LTM" lyrics - AB-SOUL

feat. Pat Brown

[Intro: Sample]
I brought you something close to me
And left with something new
See through your head
You haunt my dreams
Nothing to do but believe
Just believe

[Verse: Ab-Soul]
And please don't confuse me with dog, I'm different
Long Term Mentality, still remember them cheap wood benches
How could I ever forget, I never could get
How niggas couldn't get up and get all they could get
Man I done seen a thing or two of things that she or he will do
To fit in with each other nitpicking at each other
Killing each other, bringing each other down, crustations in a bucket
Fuck it, roll your windows down in your bucket, play this loud
Soul brother number fucking two, my time on these 1's and 2's
I'm on this track like running shoes
I dedicate this one to Cletus Anderson for working harder
Than the average man, or bend over backwards for his family
Doing whatever is you ask for him
Shit, I know he fucking tired, he should be somewhere retired
Still trying, bills still due and between me and you
Until we get a mill, life smells like mildew

[Hook: Ab-Soul and Pat Brown]
Long term (This is long term!)
Long term (I hope you studied, 'cause I'm thinking long term)
Long term (I came, I saw, and conquered)
Mentality, mentality, long term (And it's an honor)
Long term (To share this with you, wait no longer)
Long term (Mother fucker this is long term)
Mentality, mentality, long term

[Outro: Skit/Conversation]