"Constipation" lyrics - AB-SOUL


As we proceed to give you what you need, T-D-E

[Verse 1: ScHoolboy Q (Ab-Soul)]
Omega, Black Hippy came tHrough to switch flavors
Wake and bake no taters
(Pa-pass me tHe ketcHup I'll Homestyle fry 'em)
(You niggas better catch up as swift as I am)
(I was born in Zion) I defeated tHe Lion
Soul made of iron (Yeah, Soul made of iron)
NaH, nigga talking How you can't fold wHen you trying
Strive for triumpH (Survive by any means necessary even if it means dying)
Fuck tHe world missionary, Malcolm got popped
Obama got in office, and I'm still on the block
Ain't sHit cHanged, tHe grinding never stops
(Call it progress, and the reason why the chicks always fall in our nest)
Two niggas getting High (Flying objects)
We got next, now forever the Hippy is black interrogated by
Instrumentals tHat give me a rHytHm
Put tHe maize togetHer and blaze (Don't be afraid)
(See tHis is How we do
Would say I tHougHt you knew but tHat would not be true)
In fact, Be Q (You fags are through
And like all of you teachers thus far)
I'm passing you

[Hook: Ab-Soul & Schoolboy Q]
Black Hippy!Black-bla-b-b-bl-Black Hippy
Black Hippy, Black-bla-b-b-bl-Black Hippy (yeh)
Black-bla-b-b-b-bla-b-bla-b-bla-b-bla-b-b-b-Black Hippy
Please fix ya face, we rolling up so much, anticipation
We finna shock the nation, Oh Shit! Constipation!
Fuck bitches, fuck hoes, fuck bitches fuck hoes
Fuck bitches (We finna shock the nation) fuck hoes
Fuck bitches (Constipation) fuck hoes,fuck bitches,fuck hoes
Fuck bitches, fuck hoes, fuck bitches, fuck hoes (As we proceed)

[Verse 2: Jay-Rock (Kendrick Lamar)]
Activist (Rebel without a cause)
Full clip left you stiff like a mannequin
(Hit him in his temple, left him at the Taj Mahal, What you on)
I'm on some other shit, feeling like I stepped off the mother ship
(We sabotage the government, CIA gotta evacuate when we done)
The state troopers would call off the shooters at dead run
It's going down I said (Boogie down, down)
Boogie down Bronx (In a black borrow hound)
Bumping Biggie like (Pac ain't dead)
Two side call it Twenty-two (Ugh)
(I'm twenty-two and I rap like twenty zoos)
Straight animal
(Ace Ventura couldn't find no cure)
So raw probably bite off the face of Hannibal
(Protein shakes, acid, and manure)