"Real Thinkers" lyrics - AB-SOUL

"Real Thinkers"

It's Mr. Ab-Soul-utely
More drive than the fastest hooptie
More alive than a newborn unicorn in the sky
And I just get more fly by the second I reckon
That immortality is not a myth or just a lie
'Cause every time I speak this thesis is justified
Sublime rhyme and reason being why
I am it, sayonara if you can't keep up for the ride

Just for my
Just for my
Just for my (open up)
Real Thinkers (Open Up)
Real Thinkers (Open up)
And touch the sky
Touch the sky
Touch the sky
Real thinkers (open up)
Real thinkers(open up)
You thirsty?
Open Up Your Mind

[Bridge 4x]
Niggas don't think
Niggas don't think
Niggas don't

Understand exactly what it takes to be creative
And display greatness the dedication it takes
The time consumption the stakes if you say it ain't high
That's a blind assumption and open your eyes or something
Defy the odds
Multiply with nothing grip the skies
I open minds in hopes that you open your mind
Holding my fro and scoping the scene out
And spitting sixteens spitting my spleen out
Thought I had it made but ain't shit clean
And I been chasing this dream since Wayne made Bling Bling
I drift off in thought and teleport to Beijing
Pushing 25 but still feelin like 18
With more insight than a encyclopedia
The Carson Arson warm enough to fight anemia
And I'm just warming up
Got em sweating bullets big enough to load the pump

[Hook + Bridge]

Strategize, just fantasize
They don't emulate they just antagonize
They don't illustrate they just be writing rhymes
They don't demonstrate they hide behind their lines
And on my rise to success
I'm just searching for the perfect concept
I swear I'll be the Einstein of my time
It's not E but AB equals MC squared