ASSASSIN lyrics - Ambush


Down in the jungle you try to hide
Waiting for the enemy, the one you have to fight
Killing is your business, a devil for to dare
No matter if it's wrong or right, you don't even care

In the dark you hide!
Watch out for the enemy a victim for to choose
Try to kill and fight!
You make the hell breaks loose

Surrounded by your comrades, warriors like you
Waiting for the command, there s nothing else to do!
Everybody battle, tried, looking to attack
To kill means to survive, there is no turning back

In the dark you hide...

You're waiting for the night, waiting for the battle and waiting for the fight
To keep yourself alive, no matter if it's wrong or right to kill is to survive
Knowledge of a world unfair

Night has come and you can't see
And you are scared to death
You're waiting for the death to come
And you can't even breathe
Noises in the upfront
Is it a friend or not?
If you want to stay alive you have to do the shot!

In teh dark you hide
Ambush, try to stay alive!
Ambush, to kill is to survive!