ASSASSIN lyrics - Word


Call it a fight against the unbelievers, I call it murder!
How weak can a man become to get insulted by a comic strip?
And I despise that so called: "Holy Warrior"
I call him coward!
A battle without honour is like fucking with no hard, on!

I am the word!
I'm free, therefore I hurt!
I am too strong
Fuck off! The word goes on!

To speak the truth never needs to get justified
Call that for granted!
Whatever you may try to kill
Will not erase what we do call free will!
Arid I will fight you in an act of silence
I am assassin!
I don't need no god to hide
For what I lack to comprehend in life

I am the word...

There is no right in multiplying your wrongs in act of violence!
Tell me how to stop a dying man
Without to save his life to understand
But to dislike, is no permission to succeed
We'll never surrender!
To freely say what's on your mind
Won't ever hurt no god of any kind
So what's the deal to keep your faith, but tolerate
All what is differnent?
No need to get what we do find
Fully reject what even sees the blind
And don't mistake our fight for peace as weaknes
We are assassin!
No way to hold us down so far
We skip the bomb from ours into your car...