ASSASSIN lyrics - Back From The Dead

"Back From The Dead"

Grown up from the underground
Born to set the tone
Dog eats dog, nothing's for free
Beside the breaking of your bones
Raise your fist and yell the words
Bang your head and shout
Circle in a toxic waltz
To know what's all about

So step aside
Assassin's back on the track
Full speed ahead
The german thrash, metal, combat, attack!
Torn to that specific sound
Metal thrashin' mad
Even getting more attractive
When your mom means: "We're so bad!"
So mosh your mate, and slam your ways into the pit
Get boozed'n bruised n broken bones
And with a smile know: "This is it!"
So step aside

Back in the saddle
Back in the saddle
Back in the saddle
Back in the saddle
Back in the saddle
We're back from the dead

Those were the days
Good friendly violent fun
We all went crazy/cyco in the pit
But we did care for everyone
No "Puss Violent Dancing"
No sportive exercise!
So "Violent, dancer" practice, in my face/pit - I swear
I'll make you pay the price!

Combat - attack - assassin - thrash
So step aside...