ASSASSIN lyrics - Whoremonger


It's not that I didn't know
Or even care to walk your line
No decent ways are mine, in difference
So pure untrue, highspeed in slowmotion
Who's fooling who in limitless proportion
Feeding death as money talks
Eating way through your rotten morality
And you get hung like a puppet on a string
Never did no puppet master ever become king

The perfect lie, no need to convince you
I'm in control, not to let you know

I, the whoremonger, invincible force
I am the whoremonger, I rule, unseen, the shadowking

Trying, bleeding, all day life I make you step my way
Running, feeding, every needs pretending not to stay

Fair is foul, and foul is mine
And I'm between the line
Without to know that I exist
You're building up my shrine
I make you pay for all my sins, make you believe that:
"Who dares, wins."

Death, controls, your every word
Ambition seemingly absurd
Tossing, turning, all day long you struggle not to fall
Wheeping, yearning
Everytime you know you're loosing all
The perfect lie

I, the whoremonger...

Money, money makes, money
Money makes the world go round (repeat)
And I will take that turn
I disregard your misery and set the world on fire and watch it burn!

I, whoremonger...