ASSASSIN lyrics - Red Alert

"Red Alert"

"...Your life flashes before your eyes they say...
The very moment before you die...
But there is no flashes - only red light in a tunnel vision...
The stench of fear... The electric charge of unbearable tension...
I don't want to die today... Please, lord, please...
I can hear them coming... And now all hell breaks loose...!"

A noise beyond description
Detonation is shaking the side
Then bestial screaming covers
Shouts of order and command
Outbreak of total chaos - nowhere to escape
Panic overcomes every plain schooled action away

Liquid liquidation
Canned inside damnation

The two first hits caused damage but did not crack the shell
Where as the third assault may send us all to hell
High pressure drives in lightspeed
Steel bolts out of place
Before the icecold kiss of ocean
Storms into the face

Liquid liquidation...

Red alert!
Got traced, tracked down and crucified!
Red alert!
That's how you die in a boat under the sea
Submarine resists in shelter
In real means purgatory
Twilight reveals Helter Skelter
All for honour and for glory
One last deep breath of fresh air
Final attempt to clear confusion
Destroyers roaring Diesel
Erasers this illusion

Liquid liquidation...

Red alert!