ASSASSIN lyrics - Slave Of Time

"Slave Of Time"

Modern life requires
Even more than you can give
Runnin' round in circles
Money sets the pace to live
It's a haste and speeding
Through your life against the clock
The merciless machinery

Heading to a final goal
Save your wealth but loose your soul

Cash does rule the world at least
And time serves on its way
Every minute, every second
Victims to betray
It's a fight and running
Through your day against the wheel
Sleep/rest seems so far away...

Heading to a final goal...

Slave of time, slave of time
Slave, slave of time
Every day chase that your behind
Slave, slave of time
Live for tomorrow 'till the end of time!

Freedom nowadays
Is left only one sale away
Multimedia contains
Your brandnew gods to pray (to)
It's a fake and
Rotten path to follow on in life
Freedom so far away

Heading to...

Slave, slave of time...