"City Scenes" lyrics - BOB LIND

"City Scenes"

I am on my way to daylight
I am on my way
Keep it open
Keep it bright
Through the tangled wispy worries of another night
In my freely fashioned destiny I search the night
For seas of light
To sail my lovely dreams
To the sunny virgin beaches of my city scenes

I am caught up in the circle and I turn again
Like the seasons
Like the moon
Like the still and frozen moment in the beggar's hand
Love is bargained for
Much too soon
As time goes by
The past is high
Upon its rising wings
And I feel along the edges of my city scenes

I am riding on my fantasies and getting by
It will carry me where they belong
Followed by mechanical realities
They will bury me unless I'm strong
And chivalry and pageantry
And all that falls between
Are collected and respected in my city scenes

I've been working on the railroad
All my livelong life
To find the way to set the track
To run the train to take me back
To take me back