"I Found You" lyrics - BOB LIND

"I Found You"

I went to the river and I stood on the shore
I stood in the twilight of the life I had before
I looked again at my mistakes and thought 'em through
I can't regret them though, they brought me here to you
I needed a reason baby
I needed a meaning baby
I needed a meaning baby
Till I found you
Till I found you

My wheels are turning baby, look at 'em spin
Come look at 'em turning, baby, over where I've bin
The doors are open and I throw myself inside
No matter where it takes me I'll be satisfied
'Cause you are my reason, baby
'Cause you are my meaning, baby
You're my beginning, baby
And I found you

I looked at the [?]
I thought about all the different ways that I've been loved
Well I've been needed and I've cheated and I've lied
And I've been cared about and doubted but I've tried
And now I reach for you, my life is open wide
And I'm on a new line with another kind of pride
You are my reason, baby
You are my meaning, baby
You're my beginning, baby
You are my circles baby
Hey and I found you
And I'm so grateful, yes I am
So grateful
I found you in the morning
I found you