"Since There Were Circles" lyrics - BOB LIND

"Since There Were Circles"

You came disguised as a stranger
But I knew I knew you before
The ghost of a thousand beginnings
Begins once more
But ooh, it seems that I can't stop this falling
I roll around the ring again
And mothers move with grace and style
And practice on the oldest child
And when I'm at my lowest, you are rising
How long have I known you?
Since there were circles.

Man moving out of the darkness
Minds reaching free for the sky
You hold forever inside you
And love is a light in your eyes
But ooh, it seems that I just can't stop calling
And I hear my echo thunder through the galaxy
Till giving up, I turn and find
That safe within the danger line,
Beside the calming waters you've been listening
How long have you been there?
Since there were circles.

Beauty breaking open over all of my solitude and pain
I'm in your lifestream like the desert drinking in the rain
And whenever I'm holding you I feel your heart beat
And it feels like the pulse of the world at my feet
And oh, such wonders to discover.
And oh, such peace to be your lover.

We are the strength of the oceans
We are the lightness of clouds
In perfect and timeless devotion
We're standing proud
But was there once a time when I was crawling
Or have I known you all along the way?
But easy over garden ground,
Alive and filled with sights and sounds
My fingers touch your face and I am floating
How long have I loved you?
Since there were circles.